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Administration Workshop



09:00 am - 09:45 am

What is the Harcourts international Number 1 office Secret Weapon? Their Support Team!


Katrina Mattig joined Harcourts Coastal 9 years ago.  As the Business Manager for the Coastal Group Katrina has seen the change from 32 agents to 90 and manages the group of 6 office locations.  Katrina is passionate about administration support and has seen first hand the difference an incredible support team can have on team performance and retention!


Joining Katrina on the stage are two of Coastal’s incredible administrators,  Liesl Fritsch and Jess Diekas. Liesl and Jess have been with Coastal for over 9 years.  They have had incredible careers with Coastal and continue to grow with the group as opportunities arise.  Liesl and Jess truly believe in the support teams ability to take their agents to the next level without a PA and by seeing their career success as a reflection of their agents ability to achieve incredible results!


Katrina, Liesl and Jess will unpack the secrets to supporting a high volume team to success!  

09:45 am - 11:00 am


This interactive workshop will explore what it takes to create an energetic and inspirational environment in a real estate business. The best administrators from around the country will exchange ideas on how to provide the best support, build amazing relationships, and actively enhance the culture within your office. 

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