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Digital and Social Media Skills Workshop



11:30 am - 01:00 pm


Digital marketing is continuously evolving, and it moves quickly. Knowing where to invest your resources (both time and money) is difficult – how do you know where it will have the biggest impact?


In this session, Bek Drayton, managing director of BeKonstructive Marketing will discuss how recent shifts in technology and consumer behaviour have shaped today’s digital marketing landscape.


She will share some of the biggest marketing challenges that real estate agencies currently face, as well as a framework to help agencies develop clear marketing communications materials for their audiences.


This workshop will also include a practical element where you will be lead through the process of creating a strategic digital marketing customer journey. Bek will guide you through assessing which channels to use, what messages to communicate, and which tools or technology to invest in, to help streamline your processes.


Attendees will walk away with the beginnings of a framework for their digital marketing strategy that includes the channels, the messages, and the tools/technology.  ​

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